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Fitness update: Practice Dance.

Today was the first day of dance fitness practice. Felt good but I forgot some of the dance moves to previously loved songs. Getting over a cold still so out of breath. Dance is my first love.
I brought my daughter with me she is 16 months old, a little distraction but nothing that I can’t work with, she’s a doll.
I have booked a room in a dance studio that is amazing. Dance floors awesome, sound system check and plenty of room to practice. I could also teach lessons at the studio of like 5 more heads very comfortable possibly, more. It is also a private space.
I was traveling to a LA fitness gym but morning traffic was like an hour and 30 min back after the traffic has died down. Not cool when you have a toddler. She was so good but shouldn’t be in a car seat for that long there are other options.
I’m also uncomfortable with childcare considering at an Albuquerque gym a child had drug her and got a really bad rug burn on the back of her head and the gym didn’t notify me about the incident until the next day I was playing with her and noticed this painful looking rug burn on the back of her head. Infuriated. Went to the gym to get answers because I knew she had to of gotten it there she had been nowhere else. The gym had cameras they looked it over and supposedly fired whoever was working at that time. Do I have questions if that happened yes! Really considered filing charges for negligence and lack of communication.
My concern comes from experience.
So Baby and I dance together.

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